We all need a bit of passion.

I began my blog like this today…

I have a romanticized utopian texture to my current hopes and reveries.  In the scattered and ill-maintained rolodex that is my mind, everything has a perfect ‘Walt Disney ending’, no Grimm Brothers for me.   I am, however, surrounded by a profusion of realists, pragmatics and those who perform the devil’s advocate with such great stealth and precision; they keep me firmly restrained to the here and now, which, I do not like.  I already feel like I do not belong here, on this crazy, upside down planet and am quite angry with my soul for constructing the grand idea that coming to here for yet another life’s lesson was a good idea. BA!  Being shackled to the intense dual gravitational pull of this place both disconcerts me and perplexes me.

I was ready to blast the World Wide Web with an ubber long blog about how unbelievably unjust this world is and how I permit realists and pragmatics to burst my private bubbles…

And then… I watched this video…

What He Left Behind Is Wondtacular.

After that video you may already be here, where I am going on today’s blog..  tissue and all.

Life IS about dreams, ginormous ones and itty bitty regular ones.  And our hopes… well, there is no such thing as unrealistic expectation, if you can envision it up in your mind, it can become a reality.  Period!    After all, flying was just one man’s dream at one point, was it not?
From this dreamplanet Mars landing

From this man’s dream…                                                         To this man’s dream

Chose right here, right now, to disallow ourselves to be bamboozled into believing what we think, feel, hope and dream simply cannot be, or that it’s too late.   Listen, yes of course, as even the most pragmatic or zaniest bamboozlement still does have solid, grounding points, BUT stick to your dreams and be passionate about what you believe (notice I did not write ‘fight for what you believe’, ‘fightis a tired game, we must, must, must get out of that particular, injurious box).  Become child–like and zealous about that which seizes your heart and embraces your soul.  Even if you have a gazillion doubts, work your way through each and every one.  Read, research, talk with people, write letters, make calls, join a community of like-minded individuals, make a difference big or small, whatever it is that you ponder about, that you fantasize about or that gnaws at you,  just do it for you, not anyone else, it can be your own personal secret or you can let the world know.  It’s yours.   

Then, and most importantly, stand your ground!  Do what you have to do in that wondrous moment; to follow that intense calling and then, when you are done with it, simply let… it… go…!

let it go

You have no idea what your minute or month or lifetime of passion and your extraordinary journey has taken you or what undeniable spark it has ignited in another. 



Dig Deep and DREAM LARGE PEOPLE!   Embrace the passion.


Today’s blog is dedicated to my mom, the most beautiful, courageous person I know.   She looks death in the face every day and still she finds something to smile about.   Her journey is about to change though, come what may, and in the moments that go by, from this point on, I get to be a witness to something extraordinary…

~Living for the Moment~

Side note:

Cancer: often referred to as an illness cause by a mass of fast growing organic structures, a fast-spreading phenomenon or a gradual destruction of building material (meh… this last one can work too), normally found in the human body.  With dis-ease or dis-function of the system, (and I believe with all my heart) there are simple and natural cures for most, if not, all types of it.  Our bodies are unbelievably resilient and I am 100% confident that we are able to heal ourselves, with the assistance of what our planet has created, not life sucking venoms that have been manipulated in a stainless steel warehouse or germaphobe lab.   Nope.

With the knowledge that with every dis-function comes a life’s lesson, a new opportunity for change and a brave fresh journey, cancer and all other dis-eases or dis-functions of the body can be maintained and/or eventually eliminated until it is you’re ‘natural’ time to leave this planet, in whatever form that takes.   

Normal is a word that has been created and recycled abusively from TV screen to magazine and from school ground to political arena, to make us believe we have to conform.  We do not.  Whatever you live with, in health or sickness, on a daily basis, is YOUR naturally occurring state of mind, body and soul, in that moment, which is YOUR norm and it’s yours to do with as you please, with, of course, personal respect, truth and integrity.   


I enjoyed today’s life lesson.   And as much as I would like to vividly transmute the words that fall from my brain to the computer screen for all to feel, I simply have to believe that if you were meant to embrace, learn or take anything from them good or bad, you have, and that is good enough for me. 


All pictures are from Google Images, please know your work, whoever you are, is truly appreciated ~ thank you

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