Jump or Sink with the Ship?

Devastating floods, earth shattering earthquakes, damaging storms, trains derailing and just general worldly mishap, it’s not just happening outside our own back doors, (me, being a southern Alberta gal who recently watched as many of my friends in many communities lost their homes) it’s worldwide and it’s an issue.    Just Google train wrecks and deaths for July 2013 and you will be zipped from Calgary to Paris.  Create a wee map with all the leakages from bursting pipelines and follow the trail of damages from one end of the planet to another.  Search for damaging floods and not only will you see Canada’s southern Alberta and Toronto catastrophes but central Europe and Australia’s too..    What does it take for one to understand that these anomalies are coming to light NOT because we are now seeing it more on main stream media.We have had TV’s and radios now for longer than I and my parents have been alive and these so-called calamitous accidents and crazy climate weather patterns are not only getting worse but they are happening more frequently.   So much for the 100 year flood rule we are at the 8 year mark.

Before our water, air and food became so undesirably polluted causing humanity to become ill, dumbed down and temperamental, we used to rely on this small humanly nugget called common sense.   We have been so hell bend on building bigger homes, driving bigger cars, allowing large corporations to decide our wealth and health fate that we have side-stepped one minute detail.  We are sinking. And we are sinking fast.

We can build our cement monstrosities we call homes with all the latest man-made ingredients.  Stir them all up and find yourself living in luxurious space sucking homes with earth shattering consequences on, not only the plot of which you have placed it, but the way it reacts to the earths shifts and seasons and human related natural and unnatural events.

We have stuck veins underground and added platforms of solid structures in road ways, large centres and communities over top of them and wonder why the pipes are cracking, leaking and bursting.Imagine being stuck under water with a thick sheet of above you.  You can’t hold your breath for very long but you get weaker and weaker by the second.Finally you find a small crack and you use the last bit of strength you have and blast through taking in a HUGE amount of air to fill your lungs.  Well our planet is trying to do the same.  It has less and less spaces left to breathe naturally.  Our natural habitats and lands are shrinking at an unbelievable rates and when we get to that point where no green can be seen.  The earth will simply.. drown.

Where has our common sense gone?   We have politicians and their minions or perhaps it’s the politicians that are the minions, either way, they are honestly sinking the ship they are sailing on.   And for what?  This illusive thing called money?  Power?What is the catch really?  What is the gold prize at the end of such a tunnel? I just don’t see it.

I’m unsure as to the motive in creating a planet filled with slow, over-weight, ill-tempered, cancer ravaged humans who will soon become too weak, crazy or lazy to produce any sort of working class support.  What scrooogegood would a master plan be if the humans being born were too disabled, mentally and physically from artificial drug induced side-effects to even understand basic skills never mind running large companies, communities or countries in order for the elite to stay, comfy cozy in their secret homes with all their secret stashes of cash on their lazy greedy butts.

It sort of reminds me of Donald Duck’s uncle Scrooge, and where did swimming in all his gold get him? hmmm.

We have replaced our common senses.  We rely on blame, ignorance and broken systems to get us by and even as I say that I see the tight rope we are all walking on shriveling at the end. We haven’t got much time people.

Sigh, how do I explain this clearly.  I have a visual in my head and perhaps I will put it into story format, with a little bit of a twist, to help you see where my mind goes when it goes where it goes.

And so my story commences:

Imagine the Unsinkable Titanic and let’s say, for all intense purposes that it represents the planet earth.On board are powerful people, they all live on the top floor, drinking and laughing and being merry.  Our First class citizens, a small group, with a majority of the boats wealth and they are not afraid to flow with it.   They own the whole top floor, the blue skies, the kitchens, and the deck of which they laze upon.  Life is easy for them.

We have our second class citizens on this boat as well, the largest group by far, spread about on several levels of the middle floors, stacked into comfortable rooms some with maybe a window or two, simply happy to be heads above water.

Then we have our lower class citizens, they are the ones running the ship… making sure all functions are moving along ticked boo.  Its thankless and ill paying, they sleep many to a room and often spend much time away from loved ones, but they know their importance, proud of their boat they are, as they are the engine that keeps this well-oiled machine afloat and though they wish for better treatment, they have no idea how to ask for it, so they plug along getting things done, as they are told and all is well.

And so the story goes, our beautiful, unsinkable ship is moving along at top-notch speed and all is good.  The rich play with their money, spending it on frivolous, meaningless things.  The middle class work at meaningless jobs the elite have required just to stay in the middle floors.  And our lower class citizens continue work and work and work for our ship.

Until one day, a fateful moment, when all was floating so well, an interruption, a slight bump, a bit of a shake-up. The boats rocks a bit and people are rattled, questions are asked but, in time, nothing seemed  to have come amiss and people carry on thinking that whatever THAT was “others” would take care of it.

Now, something has rocked the boat, it has been hit low and hard and the lower class individuals begin to see cracks and leaks in the boats unsinkable exterior.  Scrambling, often with live’s at stake, they begin to put bandages and duct tape on all things damaged, until they can find out what the real issue is, they need an expert to assess the damages.

The lower class send out a plea to the middle class in search of an expert to assist.  Since these middle and upper middle class citizens do not actually see the issues at hand they assume no problem has occurred and push the glitch aside.    They carry on with their lives in hopes that whatever the issue is, will simply disappear.  But lower class are desperate.  They reach higher.

Eventually word gets to the first class citizens, at the top.  They hear tales of disgruntlement and minor problems and the truth of the matter has been clouded in the transference along the chains of command.    The elite cannot see or feel that damage from their cushy sky-high seats, they brush it off and send word to the lower class to stop their whining, do what they can, some support will be issued, after all, this is the unsinkable titanic after all, they volunteer more duct tape and bandages, patting themselves on each others backs for their humanitarian efforts in hopes of soothing the ruboatffled feathers of their lower class workers.

Soon the bottom floors of the ship begin to flood, water starts seeping in through the cracks and crevices.  Lower class citizens have to work harder and harder to keep the ship moving and they begin to lose their faith, hope and lively hood as salty waters splurge through their systems.  What was at first a small insignificant concern has now become a livelihood alarm.  Their families and homes are in danger.

Word gets sent back up to the top via line of command and a dignitary that teeters between middle class and first class is sent to investigate.  He is told to fix the problems however he must.  he is shuffled down into the depths of the ship ans since he has had no proper experience into the mechanics of the ship what he saw was minor water damage and things looked relatively normal.  He makes an inquiry, tells the lower class that he will send some more duct tape and bandages and that they need to put in more overtime hours and to stop complaining, after all, this is the unsinkable titanic.

He does however become concerned about the lower classes attitudes and their perceived fear of danger and feels that this may be a growing concern for the upper citizens and feels that perhaps these inhabitants need to learn their place.

So he goes back to his first class citizens and tells them exactly what he saw in his uneducated view and whines about the unruly working class citizens.  First class shakes their heads and decides to cut rations as punishment for their insubordinate actions.

Weak, tired and distressed the lower class citizens are now becoming so inundated with water they start to filter into the middle class areas for reprieve.   Filthy, dirty, tired, they are weak.   The middle class citizens do not believe their stories of woe and they seek out their experts to assist them just to prove a point.   In the meantime, while the middle class discusses who would be the best expert among them to investigate this new phenomenon, the lower class citizens are unwanted and have no place to go.

Finally, after much deliberation, an expert is proclaimed and is sent, willy nilly, to the belly of the ship.  What the expert finds however, is shoddy workmanship, duct tape and bandages and concludes immediately that the lower class citizens are lazy and no good.  His conclusion is solid as an expert and so the lower class citizens are ostracized and shunned, blamed for all the mishaps in the bowels of this ship.  The lower class citizens are shocked and outraged but, in the end are outnumbered and are left without.  They begin loiter in hallways, begging for scraps knowing all the while that the bigger picture is not at all what is seen from the outside looking in.

The experts now must converse with the elites, there is a messy issue at hand.  They explain the deluge and the mess they found in the lower levels and set about creating new rules.  They start arresting and boarding these lazy lower class citizens into jail like portals.  Telling them they have broken rules, all while the ship slowly sinks.

Along with criminal undesirables, the middle class hallways start to fill with water and they take their concerns to the elite.  The elite have already discussed the issues and as the expert explained, the problem is not the crack in the boat it was the workers who maintained it, that was the issue.More jail portals are built and with every home that fills with water a new rule is made and they too are found guilty of water seepage crime and off to jail they go.  Soon lower class and the lower middle class are starting to see that the so-called expert was wrong.  But are no longer seen as viable citizens their voices are no longer heard.  Defeated they become.

The middle class and the upper middle class are getting concerned; they do not want to break any water seepage laws when the water hits their floors so they begin to find solutions and ask the elite what should they do?  For a price, the elite assist the middle class citizens by putting up water barriers, dams and sand bags. They work together to make sure no water seeps into middle class safe places.  The elite set about making assurances, creating documented pieces of  paper stating the middle class homes are safe in case of damage, they are insured and will not be held accountable in case of water seepage and will not, therefore required to do jail time.   The middle class and upper class are satiated, for a price.

Soon water begins seep paste barriers and dams, into the middle hallways, insurances are holding but still homes are being diluted.    The middle class citizens now have to live in their water ravaged spaces and are not happy.  They send word to the elite.

Water starts leaking paste the middle floors and into the top middle floors, with a few middle class well to doers, who have their hands in the pockets of the upper middle classes and they now start complaining.  These being where the so-called experts reside, living comfortable off their assumptions.    They realize now that perhaps the problem was not the citizens and their shoddy workmanship but perhaps something bigger has happened.  They feel now that their mistake is too late to fix and are feeling the pressure of the damages done.  They begin to panic, and send out flares of distress while the lower and middle class citizens cry with relief.

Unfortunately, the water is now starting to take on a life on its own, electrical issues are making it difficult for the upper middle and elite to see their food while dining and the boat seems to be shifting and sputtering causing shaking activities and a pipe bursts causing one of the main kitchens to close down.   The elite are now seeing some damage in their own areas and with closer inspection, noticed that is has become an irreversible situation.  So they take it upon themselves to find the best solution.

The answer they come up with, well its simple.  The boat is too heavy.  Once it becomes lighter, the water will drain and we can fix the leak and we will all be fine again.  So they devise a plan.  Life boats are set about.  Individuals without a home are insured a spot in the life boat and any of those who wish to leave are welcome.   Some are paying very high prices to get out of their jailed positions and onto these boats and the elites pocket the profits.  This is the unsinkable Titanic after all… The elite have all the answers and the money to prove it.

Now, the lower class, the middle and an upper middle class citizens have been set adrift from the sinking ship.  Relief sets in, they feel as they have been handed a gift, won the lottery, so to speak.The elites are smoking their pipes and counting their new-found monies, all while their working classes are set adrift.  Things will be just fine.  Money is the key.

Suddenly the working class realize that they have no food, no fresh water, no land in sight and their dream of freedom is not as rosy as first imagined, in fact it is precariously worse.  Panic sets when no paddles are to be found.   They become fevered, ill and starved. The lower class and middle class start to turn on each other; they blame each other and begin to hurt one another.   Slowly they realize what has happened and they have no more strength to swim back to the boat so they give up.  No longer feel the need to save themselves or their sinking ship.

Meanwhile back at the ship. The elite, still at the top of the ship have yet to realize the slow leak continues as the only ones who now how to fix it have left the boat.  All their money cannot stop the leak from spreading and soon the duct tape and bandages will peel away…  and yet they do not listen and they continue, high above the water, disillusioned at the what they have neglected.  Their time will come.


So what I’m trying to say here is that the elites have corrupted our lives on this planet to the point that we either find ourselves jumping ship or sinking with the boat.   What do you want to do?

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