We are Cowards on a Payroll

So I watched this little ditti on Mr. Snowden (July 17, 2013), our most current and widely known whistle-blower, who is seeking asylum.  He is, apparently, stuck in an airport somewhere and had a wee press conference, so to speak.  So the lovely U.S. government, like pissed off bullies they are, sent a message to all who were at this forum at the airport claiming now that Mr. Snowden is not considered a whistleblower but a criminal?   Wa? Huh? Watch…


Ya, I know right… I got into three minutes and had to turn it off…

This is sooo much deeper than our U.S. government neighbours acting like an angry child whose best friend has just betrayed his finest secret and now its all-out war time.  Picture if you will, angry child, red –faced, dramatizing events in the attempt to bring on the big guns to his side, gathering knee crunching minions in the quest of one person who decided to tell the truth… lame lame lame…

Here is what came to me, as my mind wandered in confusion, while I watched this State Representative smile with closed lips, shift her gaze often to her left and used people’s first names as a form of obvious and pathetic intimidation…Charlie Browns teacher…  Wa wa wa..  her actions spoke volumes. And yet what did she do about how she truly felt!  NOTHING.

Here is a woman. A woman who is of a gender and a people, that is a small piece of a large pie of humans that had been, and still are, treated like mongrels, deprived of rights and freedoms, as compared to..  let’s say ooooh.. ‘the white man’. (though, I despise using colour as I describe humans, it’s just so so insignificant as compared to all our other assets and similarities we possess that could easily be described… ) Anyway, the white man description suits its purpose for this moment.

As I was saying, along with our African slaves, our Native American Indians, the Scottish, the Jews…  and women..  Oh! I can go back and forth from century to century to describe the losses of nations and nations of people but you get my drift.. pretty much the whole planet other that the English and the British..  had all succumbed to a debauchery of insults upon their persons, their community, livelihoods, lands and culture at one point in time.  To this day the pain runs so deep that nothing but unreserved revenge seeps through the veins of our current generations, showing itself in all genera of manifestations as dis-eases run ramped in mind, body and soul… oh and then we give these angry folks guns..  YEUP!  Gobsmacked.

And yet..  And yet!  This woman, in the three minutes I watched, had the gosh darn nerve to stand up as yet another pawn for a corrupt and decimated system with the unbelievable gall to act pompous and righteous about it.  How utterly embarrassing!  In all her Wa wa waaaing, she all but debunked all that we, as women, and every other mistreated persons on this planet had been working to eliminate thus far.

This?  This is what truth and justice is supposed to look like?  This is what “peace to a nation” feels like?  I’m sorry; I’m sleeping better at nights knowing we have whistle-blowers, vigilante’s and martyrs sacrificing their bodies for the team at every turn.   They are shedding light on what the real TRUTH is, serving us with a plateful of injustices and misguided notions of ‘peace’ to chew on as we are being played in an hand-picked game of laboratory cat and mouse.

Our planet not only STILL rises and hails to such embarrassing racist actions, (Zimmerman trial for one, how obviously a blinkered set up…) amplified by our leaders words and actions and of course the mass medias they employ, going so far as to now call such groups… terrorists?  OMG… so not only are these so-called leaders and individuals on the payroll still plotting and mediating groups against each other in the name of peace, but they are trying to peg us off one at a time, against one another and without a care in the world about who they send in to the front lines to do it… even if they are innocent children, women, staff, and etc… the bloody f’n cowards (typical bully move and an over done one at that).

Here is the true kicker!

We are allowing it! Unlike our Mr. Snowden and the small list of individuals who have brought light to such despicable actions and the people who represent them, we have an enormous amount of people, like this woman and others like her, who simply will not wake up and fight against what is truly wrong within the system.  And she works for them!  She has an ‘in’ for gosh sakes.  Oh palease, wake up and use it!  Her moment of fame to open to TRUTH and she missed it!  I raise my hands in disgusted shame!

The more that we stand up together, when it’s obvious we know what we are saying and doing is wrong, the weaker the vile group of families running the joint will become!

Oi!  I have seen and thus cannot get such idiocy out of thy mind.

This has just mystified my mind beyond repair.  Do you all not see the folly in any of this??   It’s like watching a make-believe spoof on real life.  It’s gone beyond ridiculousness.

Along with this embarrassment of an excuse that the U.S. has drummed up for our Mr. Snowden, I am awakening to the mind-fug that is our everyday lives and it is infuriating me beyond repair.

Everyone is on the payroll?  Boggles thy mind.

Even listening to the radio sends me into a flurry of rants at the stupidity of a people that allow propaganda to happen with such ease.  Endorsing A&W and Kraft Diner? COME ON!  Allowing banks and other large financial corporations to advertise financial freedom with life-time, 30 YEAR mortgages so you OWN your own home???? BALD FACED Lie…   Then… after a few good songs, of which I sang out loud, a representative from a one-sided health system is giving  a biased and unresearched mumbo jumbo opinion on children who are not being immunized are the CAUSE of recent epidemics?? What epidemic?? Fear based bullcrap!  And of all things!!!  The country stations advertise Round Up and GMO products…

GMO… say it backwards folks!!!  OMG!!!

We are a mass of dystopian humans, we know that it is as corrupt as it can be and yet.. and yet, we just carry on, allowing ourselves to be spoon-fed poison on a daily basis.

I am so bloody embarrassed at what we have become as a society; I’m embarrassed that our leaders assume they can continue in such a lying, deceitful way and then hide behind the false flag that we are blind to how horrible of human beings they have allowed themselves to become with their crazy acts of humanitarianism?  Oooh boy what a fragging joke!  I’m embarrassed that the filthy rich impress their attitude upon us that they warrant what they covet on a planet where we are all equally human in our deserving needs such as basic fresh water, healthy food, air and a roof over our heads.  I’m ashamed that movie stars; music gurus and athletes are treated like royalty while our teachers are treated like second-rate volunteers at a local summer camp.  I’m mortified to walk in any direction, only to be smacked in the face with the hoopla that is advertised, doled out like tooth-decaying candy to a baby.  Have we not been listening?   WE KNOW that what we sell in our stores, what we advertise on our media stations, what we preach in our religious and educational system is BELOW a level of such foolhardiness, that it begs me to wonder, what are we waiting for exactly?

CLEARLY we have FAILED on every single level we can imagine and we are being paid for that failure.  We are cowards of the lowest denominator.

Grow up.   We need to grow up as a human on this planet.  Grow UP!

And Yes!  To all of you who spew and screech hypocrisy, I am reading my own words and I’m making a difference, slowly, an inch at a time, the best way I know how, but I want more!

This forum is for solutions please!!


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