My Spices to Life.

When you go to update your home, you know, a splash of paint, new tile, maybe flooring…  How do you choose the colour and style?

Do you;

Choose with your personal colour and flare in mind, or

do you choose with the homes architect, age or style in mind, or

do you choose muted colours with the thought of resale in the future?

I am the last (sadly)… with a small smidgen of the first.

0sink 2I walked into my bedroom just the other day and stopped short.  I felt like a stranger in my own home.   The walls were that dull, shiny off-white they were when we moved in, and more than likely the colour it has been for over 30 years.  Although we have colour in the paintings I have created and matching quilt my sister-in-law made for us, I was shocked at how BORING I have become.   My clothes are boring, my shoes are boring, my bedroom… AUGH! This is NOT me.0colours i love

Our home faces north with very large ever green trees in the front yard, which makes for very little natural light in the winter months.  Inside is a mish mash of old and used furniture all in shades of brown.   Our walls, though we have colour on some, are dark colours, shades of brown (again) or cream, some blue with the exception of the kids’ rooms which are very bright colours.  They were not afraid to go bold.  The kitchen, Arrrg! Don’t even get me started… out dated, old and tired, missing tiles and without window coverings to shield us from the nasty neighbours, and off-white!  shudder

My main bathroom has colour, it was my choice, a very sunny sage green and a dark green laminate to match and hide dust.  The vanity is dark wood which I like, but the tiles are white… all of them, straight jacket WHITE, chosen for the distinct purpose of resale.   It’s a square box… with a hint of panache.  Boring.

0sinkI have traveled some in my lifetime and I have found a deep love for Mexico.  Its warm colours of terra-cotta splashed with all the bold primary’s I ache to see in my own home.  What I would not give to have an ornate, decorative tile bathroom sink in those vibrant blues and greens, purples and reds.  BUT what if we sell? I would have to leave it behind, 😦 THAT would not do.

If you eve have been to the Canadian East Coast, you could not miss the row houses.  They look like jolly jelly beans all lined up and you can’t help but smile at their cheery façade.   0europeAnd0houses Europe, oooh I lingered under red canope’s in large cities drinking dark coffee’s and wandered dreamily through bright flowers and vines that grew willy nilly about the ancient stonework.  Cobbled stone walkway would lead you on pathways to delightful markets where fresh cheeses and meats, fruits and vegetables all lay in neat rows.  Or small cottages nestled in and amongst the trees; their cob-like rounded interiors drawing you into the comforts of wood burning stoves and fresh tea in daintily decorated porcelain cups with saucers. Doesnt that just sound… delightful?

I have never been to India.   BUT I have watched Eat Pray Love with Julia Roberts many times and the movie had me dreaming of light airy curtains gently flowing in the breezes lit bright with vibrant tinted lanterns.  Light music and earthy incense lingers in the air while nestled deep in cheery hand designed cushions and pillows surrounded by thick wall hangings boldly bright with the tints of spicy coriander saffron, mint and curry.  Who can be sad in a place like that? 0spices

With thoughts of colour in mind, I hit the online world for some of my favourites and found the most perfect shade of eggplant.  A rich, elegant dark purple and I fell in love.   BUT… If we plan on moving, which I think is our plan, that shade of purple will NOT be helpful for buyers who can’t see past such a superficial thing as colour… (insert roll of the eyes here).   0umbrella

Why oh why do I, do we, think that way?  Always decorating with the thought of other people in mind, two, five or ten years down the road… that’s actually kind of creepy…boring other people living in my home.   Shiver…    0oh my

I want, with all my heart, to live in a home where every room is decorated and coloured with my personal style. My bedroom, eggplant and sage, makes me want to snuggle in with dim lights and a good Diana Gabaldon book.  0tile lovelyWhen I walk into my Mexican flavoured kitchen, deep burnt oranges and reds, with splashes of bright blues and yellows draw me in to spend oodles of time creating with flavours and colours.  Or, when I want to set myself up with a bowl of popcorn to watch a good romance, I sit upon hand dyed cushions in ruddy pinks and blushing reds surrounded by pillows and paintings all pulsating with the enchanting spices of life…  0sink

This, this is how I see me and aren’t I just a peacock!

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