Alert! Toxicity level on high

sleepyI’m not sure if it’s the barometric pressure of our recent Chinook or the freakish winds that follow it, but my system was set off by something and it’s lasting longer than it should.   Argumentative, angry, stressed, to begin.  Small thing are getting my goat and zero patience…  Z.E.R.O.… even those stupid periods (ellipsis? Is that what they are called?) after EVERY sentence i write are irritating me.  Whatever it is, it is also causing headaches and restless sleep patterns.

toxic peopleBefore you start on replying with various lists on what it could be and how I can solve it, I came across a blog about toxic people.  Instead of thinking, oh ya! DUUUDE! – I know people like that.  I was astonished when, instead, I said to myself,  “Hey that is me!” 

… inevitable sound of crickets after the light bulbs go on… cricket

That moment of truth led me to search for ways to remove my toxicity and maybe get through these crazy Chinooks with a little more, shall we say… pizzazz. (grrr I have to stop with the ellipsis’s).

jazz handsLooooook! 13 simple steps to avoid being toxic.  I found that on the internet..  GET OUT hey???
Pinched, with much thanks, from Dragos Roua blog where you can read his original version in full.  I’m just taking the points for my short blog

  1. Say Thank You. (Thank you :D)
  2. Say only what you mean.  (I do this kind of well, on paper, but in person… hmmm I’m squinching my face in doubt)
  3. Clearly state what you want. (Again, a skill I need to work on)
  4. Say something nice to an unknown person. (I found myself doing this lately AND enjoying the wide mouth stares I get in return… hehe)
  5. Don’t gossip! (Clearly!  I lost a job because I could not handle knowing that my boss, who talked smack about everyone behind their back, was probably doing just that about me, can you say awkward… ya, I was fired and not ashamed to say it. I left, skipping with glee)
  6. No regrets. (Sigh, this is a big one. The mere act of regret is akin to a snowball loose on an avalanche…)
  7. Pay attention to people around you. (Love this one.  This too I have been noticing is one of my new habits.  I also make sure I tune into all my senses when I’m around people.   I realize that I love the look of people, all people. We have such diverse variety in colour and shape, I just can’t stop staring.  My keen sense of smell, however, made me realize that there are just some people whose scent does not say ‘roses’ to me and that’s ok… I seem to like them anyway.
  8. Help somebody around. (I LOVE to volunteer.  It’s one of those rare things you can do, either really good or really badly and no one can fault you for it, they just simply appreciate your existence in that particularly awesome moment.  That’s unconditional love.)
  9. Give your time to what‘s important. (if you were here, as I typed this, you would have seen me purse my lips and blow out a long loud breath.  I need to make a list of what really is important.  I’m pretty sure these have shifted considerably as of late.)
  10. Let go of the unneeded.  (clutter… remove it from your body, your home, your office, your car, your head and your social network (both physical and nonphysical)… ahhhh can you feel the room in your ether?  Makes you want to spin and dance doesn’t it.? )
  11. Avoid procrastination…. (Don’t talk to me about this one)
  12. Don’t talk bad about yourself.  (Whoops… maybe I need to redo a few above remarks)
  13. Don’t enter a fight.  (In other words, get off FACEBOOK… its toxic)

cross arms open armI used to internalize things, round my shoulders, cross my arms and pull it all in.  This was making me, literally, sick almost every day.  Chest opening moves in yoga have eliminated most of that and I find now, I’m only toxic during barometric changes and election years.

Now that I have, a) admitted the toxicity in me today and b) took steps to eliminate or at least clean it up a smidgen, I feel taller and even had a small skip to my step on the way to the public facilities. Oooor, it could have been because I really had to go…  hmmm that’s an answer YOU are never going to get.  teehee

Random, useless info you should know!


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