Living blind in a world of ignorance

Hearing stories here at work from actual events around the globe both saddens and frightens me.

Many great things come from our affiliates or acquaintances when are abroad, but lately…

One of our affiliates was locked in a hotel room while a mad man ran loose, armed to the nines, in a small Canadian town from local RCMP after killing three of their own. Another, finding discomfort in a much polluted China, in hospital, after finding out they had been severely poisoned buy a very marketed and popular bug repellant.

Our first world countries are doing their very best to cover up the fact that they are becoming the most polluted and dangerous places to LIVE and VISIT on this planet…

China, for example, people who are living and visiting there cannot even trust fresh fruit, such as watermelon. Watermelon there is injected with chemical to give it that nice red colour, making them look ripe and delicious. And the fish, oh please don’t get me started, that’s a long sordid Fukushima story. Water in bottles has become just as dangerous as they use chemicals to make it taste better. It has gotten to the point where travellers to China are bringing their own water to the country for their duration just to keep from getting poisoned.  With so much smog and humidity the mosquitos are becoming a real health concern. Unfortunately, the repellents widely used and sold in every corner store to keep them from eating you alive in your own home, is even more dangerous and has been causing severe problem with such cases ending up in hospital.

At first I thought the US was the one and only heading down to crazyville with the outrageous number of shootings that go on, almost on a daily basis. While anger and frustration of economic class gap widens, more and more people are put on pharmaceutical drugs in order to ‘just deal’ with daily living issues.  This alone has caused a ricochet of events eliciting deaths of many innocent people. China is no different… One man, hell-bent on revenge, goes into a kindergarten and starts stabbing while people stand outside hopeless, hearing the frightened screams of six-year-old children. Most recent, in Kunming China, a group of ‘terrorists’ hit a railway station, wielding knives killing almost 30 people and wounding over 100… I don’t even know why they did that, can’t find anything in news reports that say anything other than “blah blah terrorists blah blah blah.” Typical hide the truth crap!

Our dominating countries have lost utter and complete control of, not only its citizens, (I do not need to list the unbelievable amount of mass shootings, drug overdoses, suicides, homelessness, starvation and ill education here) but its climate as well. China’s pollution and unbelievable use of chemicals in everyday food and water, the US with its ridiculous repudiation of any environmental issues whatsoever and Canada!!! with its relentless pursuit of a cockamamie pipeline dream. Not to mention fracking, spraying, GMO…

Holy crap folks!

I’m gobsmacked.

We sit here on social media (and I’m just as much to blame) and argue about how women should dress, how many vaccines should we inject into a two-day old baby before it causes brain damage, who should and should not own a gun and what it should be used for, disrespectful neighbours, what we had for dinner last night with pics for proof, how much we hate mowing our lawns in spring and where is the best place in town to find $50 name brand jeans for a three-year old… Wa? Why? We are disengaging ourselves with useless, ridiculous battles and visions of what we think are important truths, when right in front of our very noses our planet has fallen prey to the most deadly of diseases.

I g n o r a n c e!!!

We are dying folks… and from this day forward it will not be of “natural causes” ohhh nooo that is no longer the case! It will be from long drawn out illnesses such as obesity and cancer caused by chemicals, pharmaceuticals and greed all neatly wrapped up in a fine package covered in fake sugar and displayed ever so brightly at our nearest, most convenient, life sucking corporate entity.   That is if you don’t get shot ordering coffee at a local shop or stuck in another climate induced flash flood first.

We need to wake up..


We all need to wake up…

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