What would YOU be doing if money was no object? Hmmmm?

The question was asked of me the other day.

What would you be doing right now if you did not need money?


Well I thought instantly.. Of course, travelling!

I could see me traversing along beaches and rocky ledges barefoot and meditating, my face toward the sun in all places on this planet. Sent a sort of chilled ahhhh up my spine. 🙂  My brain instantly zipped to the Earthship I’d build, the classes I could take… the volunteer positions I could incorporate my travelling bug into and the sun face meditating thing.

And then…

Same brain.   Slammed on the breaks when I heard a resounding “REALLY NANCE?” It shattered the ahhh moments I had created into teeny tiny itty bitty widdle pieces! Damn that inside voice!!!

I stepped back, reeled in my initial thoughts like a fish on a wire and retraced my life steps a bit. It was like hitting rewind on a tape deck. Those of you who know what that is, you remember the whizzzz sound it made in rewind or ff and that audible ‘click’ when it hit the end? That’s when I asked myself the question again.

What would I really be doing RIGHT NOW if money was no object?


I had to think. Hard. It bugged and nagged at me all day. I found myself judging my existence piece by piece, finding that each and every part of me money was/is/always has been the underlying factor. From the clothes I was wearing to the yoga class I was heading off to and the current job I held. I would tempt so far as to go as the company I kept at times. I go out and seem to spend spend spend, shopping, movies, trips, coffee, household items, food. Really? Always looking for the proverbial loose change and seeing my accounts ALWAYS in red and simply not caring anymore.  Without money I am poor and that is that…  Sort of set me in my ways.

How can one even fathom an answer to this question?

It’s like a math equation. GROSS!! 2I dislike math, immensely, my brain was starting to hurt. I had to go deep into my mind and do this systematically. This would take time.

Then today, a full 18 hours since that voice in my head, I had a day off. Finally! What was the first thing that came to mind when my feet hit the ground this am?..

They go back up… my feet that is.

Feet up, music on, book in hand. That’s what really set my thoughts on fire today. Normally, I don’t though, I’ll often ignore that nagging blissful thought to find a lazier excuse not to sit and read like a movie and toddling about my small home. But what it did mean to me that I did not require technology but for the basics. So I’m thinking if there was no money to be had I would be content without the use of technology … of sorts.

1. I guess this is one!  I would be technology free but for basics. A phone for emergencies and to call my kids, and a radio and something to watch a movie on once in a while. I’d need to write too. Paper will do at first.

Then I thought, what if I get bored with that, which I knoooow I would, without the sucked in world of social media, tI would need another distraction. What then would I do? My mind went to gardening. Walking about barefoot, seeing the green sprouts of fresh herbs and vegetables, the colour and scent of flowers, maybe building up that rock garden or tending to the pond. Okay, I’d have a hobby.

2. Work with my hands, gardening, since I also love to build, I’d volunteer to help build homes, earthship, cob home type dealeos, the kind that you work with earth and recycling and all things natural. I’d still have the Earthship, I figure.

Then… I knew from my experiences volunteering I am the kind of person that needs to take breaks. I can work like a dog for hours, days even and then I crash, hard. So what did that look like with no money? I envisioned me snoozing in the back of my vehicle on a hot sunny day. The sound of flies and other insects zipping about. Hot and sunny and snoozing. mmmm Doesn’t that sound pleasant?

3. This means, without money, I would need to be in a place that is not winter, EVER. I wouldn’t need a vehicle to laze about on a sunny afternoon, just a quiet place and a blanket. I do love taking off when the need appeals, however, that would probably lead me to travel a bit to find the best place for me via any which way was easiest, not necessarily the quickest either. 😉

I am an introvert, and an extrovert. I love the power of company, good friends, going out once in a while, but I crave solitude and quiet. That is a balance I MUST have. When I examine those two things I see myself in a small village or community and walking distance from neighbours.   Right now looking from my kitchen window into my neighbours bathroom is too close! People there when I need them but a place of peace where I can hide away for hours or days as I sometimes do. There is nothing that burns me out more than having to sit at a desk 5 days a week 8 hours a day. It’s the single most exhausting job I have ever had. Day jobs are for those who can’t think outside the controlled box, a ridiculous set up for anyone nowadays.

4. Without the need for mooola, I would not be at my current job, understandably.  I must be within walking distance of all things and my actual, no money type jobs would consist of gardening one day, assisting with odd jobs or building things the next, midnight moon gazing in the evenings, writing or painting when the urge calls and then, some days, taking care of individuals who need attention, kids or the elderly for example, both I have done and thoroughly enjoyed.

I’m a work chameleon, as long as I can wake, rest and sleep to my own clock, you can count on me. Force me otherwise and I will not be worth the time you have seized from me.

I suppose I was right in my initial thoughts, HA! I’d say I told you so to my inside voice but that would just be rude


I had to do the full circle and really think about it without being so sure fired willy nilly about it. It really did give me a turn for thought. How would I eat, what would me home look like, how would I get about. All those things look much the same but with more work, basically, less social media time FOR SURE!! All this can be done without the use of money in a well-organized, well communicated society.  I know it, we all do. Not sure why we haven’t done it yet.

I also found myself thinking about sharing all these steps with a certain lovely someone.   I see me and this person hanging out in our home, quietly going about our day, having unobtrusive, easy conversations and just doing whatever calls to us in the moments. I see me curled up next to him after a long day of hard work, perhaps I’m a bit sunburnt, my hands and feet are dirty from gardening or building or playing and I’m tired, that whew I have accomplished a lot sort of tired. I would be happy and content, less pressured and no fear.  I see us donning our backpacks, hitching a ride on a train or bus, going wherever we want for an hour, a day, a week, a month. No rush nor worries. He knows I think of him this way, money or no.

Ya, if there was no need for money, I would be enjoying those closed-in-with-my-man, moments more. (at this point, that man is about as likely as actually living without the need for money. 😦 )

3 thoughts on “What would YOU be doing if money was no object? Hmmmm?”

  1. I think I’d do what I’m doing now, only I’d be able to stop when I didn’t want to do it anymore. That makes me wonder whether having f-you money is really a good idea, because then why would I ever do anything character-building, ever? I suppose then I’d have to just give it to you, b/c you’ve got more worthwhile goals.

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