Being a Scorpio Woman makes us Crazy!

I am a Scorpio woman!

scorpio 1We scorpions come from fiery planets that build our passions levels to all-time highs, we cannot apologize for how we feel or how we express when we love and feel that deeply. It is what it is.

BUT… then, there is the moon… ooooh the MOON, how she debilitates us.  Infuriating! Between the highs and the lows… doesn’t that just make us crazy?scoprio 9

My own emotional upheavals over the past few months, up and down like a friggen yo-yo, everything from the sadness of being alone, the fear of not having enough money, from the seesaw that has been my current relationships, all make me think I’m teetering on that side of crazy.

I know it’s tricky to love a Scorpio. I am one for Pete’s sake, and some days loving myself is the single most difficult thing to do. I am intense, yes I am, and I really go out and get what I want when I want it. Ill get it too even if its not the most healthiest of choices and if the challenge doesn’t bore me.  When anxiety hits a Scorpio woman, we are like a bomb ready to implode but when we are comfortable with our space, place and peeps, ahhh we are the kindest, most good-natured humans you will ever encounter.scorpio 6scorpio 4

Hard to love a scorpion yes, but once we love YOU, after the drama and the chaos and the upheaval of getting there, you are truly loved for life.

Following some simple rules will make it easier and worth your while to get into the realm of the scorpion woman. Believe me.

  • scorpio 5Speak the truth to us. We despise passive aggressive, hide behind sweet words, kind of talk. Bah. ANNOYING! We have an innate ability to pick out fakes and lies… So tell us the truth, plainly, simply and sweetly and… expect it back.
  • Do NOT be afraid of our anger, it’s a short fuse and we forgive just as quickly.
  • DO NOT play games. I personally despise them. We see right through them and they make you look hideous in our eyes.
  • Loyalty. We are FIERCELY loyal!! BUT! We deserve AND demand it back.
  • Communicate Communicate Communicate. You clamp down or shy away from us, we will walk away, fast, then see you as a weak and unworthy opponent, no matter how educated or what station or affiliation you belong to. As a side note, we are a transforming race and we need to be actively engaged in communication ALL the time. Forget the texting, give it to us face to face.

scorpio 3If you stick around long enough… If you can have the patience of a God… We will be the most passionate of lovers, the sweetest of friends and the truest of partners. Love will be yours in abundance.

Dance with us and our crazy sides, our emotional sides, our fiery sides, our passionate sides. We don’t NEED you to take care of us, we want you to care FOR us. We don’t NEED you to be rich or poor, we need you to simply BE. We don’t care about sickness or health so much as we want REAL. Be who you are in truth and we will love you, unconditionally, until time ends.scorpio 8

Yes there is something crazy wrong with us Scorpion women. We can NOT bear the thought of life without mysticism and reality, of the darkest shadow and the brightest light. It’s impossible to love without each and every facet on this planet. Embrace the yin and the yang, and if you are brave enough to stand with us, you will find comfort here.  scorpioI swear upon my loyal scorpion heart.

Scorpio Women Traits

One thought on “Being a Scorpio Woman makes us Crazy!”

  1. I love this. We are so great, is scorpion woman. And like the first picture, of the Phoenix, we regenerate and rejuvenate and rebuild on our failures and lessons in life whether bad or good we become stronger

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