The moment I quit facebook, the diary of…

Feb 12, 2016. 11:43am

The moment I decided to quit Facebook was sudden and without thought or warning.
I just let go.

It was consuming me.  Besides the never ending reams of stupid, I have found that the smarter people are the more self centered they become and if I was noticing it, I was becoming self centered too. I chose to be smart and get off the madness roller-coaster.

I really don’t like people very much. Especially in large masses.  In fact, very few people get past the facade of me and become part of my little/big world. No offense, it’s just I see too much, feel too much and the future looks pretty grim, people, including myself, suck the life out of everything and Facebook was nailing that coffin,  so to speak.

I want to get out of the city and never go back, I want to read a whole book again, I want to wash my floor more than once a month (really.. its been bad lately). Facebook was not helping me get anywhere but called names like troll and uneducated <<< grrr, I was finding I was doing the very same to others.  It was sucking the life out of me!

So here I am, hour 3. I’m writing, after I cleaned my closet and did the dishes, and it feels good. I’m making a plan for life without Facebook. Let’s see how far I can go.

February 14, 2016. 8:55pm

Second day.  Don’t miss it.  I got more work done and excersize today than I have in months.  I even did a meditation, which I have not done in years, AND I cooked dinner.  I feel wonderful.

February 15, 2016 3:30pm

Not missing Facebook at all. But I’m wondering if anyone is missing me? Sadly, I bet not.

February 17, 2016 11:31am

Alright.  as you know, the reason I quit Facebook was because I could no longer face another day where I judged people, where my temper would rise and my offence-o-meter burned through the roof.   I could no longer stand being  judged myself, for my looks, my words, my opinions, my education or lack there of and the amount of exclamations I used when I became passionate about something that meant a lot to me.   Thing is, I am wicked smart, I know this already and I could have gone somewhere with it Im sure but I despised the institute of education, any institute as a matter of fact.  I did not like the boxed walls they created around me and I fought against them.  The farther I went the more claustrophobic I got.  Facebook was starting to do the very same, becoming an institute where the walls recycled around old or misinformation, falsities, out right lies and absurdities and became a place to easily threaten and bully about such mundane opinions or thoughts without remorse or consequence.   It wasn’t moving forward, changing or morphing, at least, not for me. belah.

I tried to delete, block or open up into something more positive but crap creeps in way too easily and I am too weak to let that crap go.  So I let the institution go.

Ahhh… Im good.  This post is complete.

N. out








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