Is the right decision today the right decision for tomorrow

And so it begins again, the intrusive removal of what was once a green and beautiful backdrop to one of our most historically scenic views will become yet another million dollar permanent prop!  An ‘attachment’, ‘upgrade’, ‘advancement’, ‘compliment?’   to the original  University Hall.  yippeekiyay…. 😦

In a world of such ‘advanced technology’, where most professionals/students/etc, can work, or DO work, remotely, from abroad or from the comforts of homes, could we not have just made our university more techno savvy rather than bigger?!  No?

No.  Alas, our owls that have their babies in those trees every year and the deer that roam free will lose a large portion of their backyard to ‘innovation?’

We think we are advancing.  I really dont think we are and I say this often.  We are cicular in our thoughts and patterns and the same type of events always seem to happen.  I’m unsure we could move forward even if we tried, we have no idea how to work with, test with, live with or build around without destroying.

I work in an institution swarming with brilliance, all trying to solve problems on their own. Ridiculous!  Its a damn boys club, (sooo f’n old fashioned it makes me vomitous), all about personal money, immediate prestige and the inevitable reward.. God of Academia? Big whoop.  In fact, I have yet to see any REAL advancements in how humans work TOGETHER within these institutes of research and learning.  Instead, always vying to one up each other or set one down a peg instead of using their bright minds to come up with solutions as a team.  So why would we think that we could advance a planet if we cannot progress as a species?? Seriously!… No single credential mounted on anyone’s bare assed wall has made anyone the almighty knower of all things.

But why?? Why, if I can see a future with less destruction due to innovation and more technological advancements, why cant the big brains on campus do the same?

Dammit… Just watched the crew take down over 40 mature trees and mulch them to bits in less than 24 hours … Seriously annoyed.

All I really know is, when I sit and watch the big machines slam holes into the ground where squirrels and gopher and mice once roamed and I hear (11 floors up and a good distant away, behind sealed windows, I might add) the sounds of screeching and roaring of engines and banging of steel where birds once sang, it all makes me sad.

I wonder. Is what we believe the right decision is today the right decision for tomorrow?   And, are we, even with all our walls of credentials, smart enough to make any decisions, single-mindedly or collectively, that is actually less destructive for our planet going forward?  Or, do we even have that ability at all?  I think not.  I really dont.

Going to go apologize for the whole of the human race to the beautiful mamma owl and her two babies now.  😦

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