30 things about me I can share

  1. I talk too much, sometimes I’m out of line – sorry not sorry
  2. Almost every piece of furniture I own has been handed down by family, bought second hand or built, lovingly, by my dad
  3. I cannot live without the colour green, like at all – I would live in a garden, NOT WORK, but live, like, forever4301b4ad3f1203d71747ecbf36f97650
  4. I require a little (I prefer a lot) of PURE sunshine every day – Its my sanity
  5. I use my grandmother’s fancy china as my everyday dishes – I think of her. EVERY TIME
  6. I will probably never date a skinny or short man – not even an ‘in-shape’ skinny – just preference, no offense
  7. I like being alone
  8. I can’t imagine my favourite colour black without a little goddess pink it’s sacrilegious reallyfd3f36834769d50a20a9d09733c11d36
  9. I’m not very good at sharing – Except with my kids. They can have it all if they needed it. ALL of everything I’ve got
  10. I have felt both utterly broken and strengthened at the exact same time – THIS is an overwhelmingly daunting feeling, if anyone has experienced terrible loss, you may understand, or not
  11. I feel most alive near natural water and forest – Never understood the lure of watching tumbleweed blow from one prairie province to another. Gross
  12. I am a social media junky – yes, sometimes I do stalk -when I’m intrigued I want to know more that’s all
  13. Tattoos are just another way I decorate my personal space
  14. I feel empty all the time – Never felt that way until I lost dad. It was the last ‘loss’ straw I guess. Always had a spark in me. Its gone
  15. Living in a windy city is a constant headache – Literally, I can’t do wind, I’m allergic to it…
  16. I don’t think that humans will ever, or can, advance past the racist-phobic-war mongering-fear based robots we have always been
  17. I’m judgy
  18. I have come to look forward to my ‘only me’ date nights – Netflix is a bad habit and this “only me” thing scares me a little
  19. I never want to leave my dog home alone for too long, I think that’s cruel – this, however, affects my dating life – so does the fact that she sleeps with me {shrug}
  20. I feel very uncomfortable in large crowds – even if I know them
  21. I’m not sure I understand love – To me, it’s a very confusing, misunderstood perception.  I have bonded with my daughters, of course, but that’s a whole different level of what ‘love’ is presumed to be and no word can describe it, and, that bond is not easily manufactured.  I think the word ‘love’ is fickle and the fact that we forever search for it, for that love bond, is just insane
  22. I have made a pack with my spirit that I will NEVER come back to this planet once this life is done, not in any shape, form, fauna nor flora
  23. I really enjoy the fragrance I wear – it’s my own oil mixture – not going to give you the recipe so don’t ask
  24. NEVER liked too much white in room, makes me anxious – coincidence … all horrors filmed in insane asylums are filled with white walls, white padded rooms and white strait jackets … a past life crisis perhaps?
  25. I have to have chocolate every single daychcolate
  26. I dislike shopping.  I wear size 9.5 dress shoe, size 9 boot and 8.5 runner. I wear a medium top but have to buy a large because of shoulder width and I wear size 10…12 or 14 pant, depending, to fit my rather voluptuous ass, and they ALL must be purposely long in leg, and then…  I still have to take in the waist – WTF – that makes me a monster footed, tallish short, wideish narrow, pear shaped human who OBVIOUSLY dislikes to shop… obviously
  27. I need change every five years or so. I’m like my father that way – usually a new hair colour works but sometimes I need to get the ‘f’ out of my life and start over
  28. The man bun and the clean beard look is delish
  29. For me, the Scottish accent is an auditory aphrodisiac
  30. I like heavy metal music – ya, this came as a shock to me too

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