off-grid living… oh ya!

I am a dreamer.  One of those dreams is to build and live in an Earthship Sustainable Home.   I, however,  live with a very pragmatic husband who delights in tipping me from my dream tree and landing me firmly on solid ground more often than I like.  The most recent thing he said to me, when, in one of my deep blue, ‘OMG the world is a horrible place, why am I here’, funks…  was that no matter where we moved or what we lived in ‘I would find something to complain about….’  say wha?


Yes, I heard them too, the sound of crickets … Got up, brushed myself off and walked away, that was the ONLY thing my mind would allow me to do with that particular comment as it did not just tip me from my dream tree he all but pushed me, allowing me to land solidly on my rather round RUMP!  OUCH!

This is where my blog comes in.  A place all mine, a safe and tidy wee dream tree.

And it begins here with my biggest, number onest dream of them all.  There is a number two… I’ll keep ya posted. 😉

Earthship Sustainable Biotecture

Here is a series of pics on what an Earthship is, inside and out.  To learn more about it, check out the links..

Ahhh! add 2

I am thoroughly and regretfully in LOVE with a sustainable home.  There are many kinds of course, but this one has me wrapped around its pounded tires and pop can walls.add Earthship-Biotecture-4

I swear on all that is chocolate!  If I had one, all my own, (and it ran as smooth as silk, of course) I would not complain..  How could you, with anti depressing green veggies and sweet fruits growing right at your fingertips in all seasons, sun light streaming through large windows and a kaleidoscope of colour enveloping you in a great big hug every single day…   ya..  this is something I’m dreaming about.

earthship earthship_biotecture_overview

I actually dont even care what the outside would eventually look like, whether it be green, or orange or white, with peeks and valleys or not.  They simply grab me, each and every one of them.

Earthship_Brighton_Front Earthship_Zwolle

Although, if I had to choose these two (above) are my personal fav’s.

earthship2 Earthships contain use and reuse all household sewage

Can you even imagine?  I can.

2 thoughts on “off-grid living… oh ya!”

  1. Hi Nancy 🙂 How far have you looked into the possibility of an earthship being built in Southern Alberta/ County of Lethbridge?

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